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Biden Illegally Kept Documents on Ukraine, Which May Have Been Beneficial to His Son

Documents relating to Ukraine that Joe Biden illegally kept may have proved useful to Hunter Biden and Burisma.

The Special Counsel’s investigation into Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents has peeled back the curtain on a troubling saga that reaches far beyond mere negligence. The near 400-page report by Special Counsel Robert Hur not only exposes the president’s irresponsible handling of sensitive information but also suggests ties between Hunter Biden’s business dealings and his father’s role as vice president. The stark overlap in timing and topics between Joe Biden’s official duties and Hunter Biden’s ventures, particularly regarding Ukraine, raises profound concerns about potential influence peddling.

As Vice President, Joe Biden had access to top-secret and classified information on Ukraine, a country that became a lucrative playground for his son, Hunter. Hunter’s involvement with Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, and his influence peddling are well-documented. Emails and documents from the time raise questions about whether Hunter was leveraging his father’s position for personal gain. The Special Counsel’s report confirms that Joe Biden’s unauthorized storage locations housed several classified documents discussing Ukraine during this critical period.

During this same time period, there was a significant shift in U.S. policy towards Ukraine, notably around the dismissal of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. Despite Joe Biden’s claim that his push for Shokin’s firing represented U.S. policy, evidence suggests a stark turnaround from previous support for Shokin’s anti-corruption efforts. In fact, just months before Shokin was fired, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs wrote him and applauded the progress of his office’s anti-corruption efforts. The shifting views of Shokin coincide with Hunter Biden’s business interests in the country, further blurring the lines between official U.S. policy and the Biden family’s financial endeavors.

The Special Counsel’s investigation, while providing a detailed account of the mishandled documents, also hints at a deeper issue: the possibility that Joe Biden shared confidential information with his son to advance Hunter’s business schemes. Such actions, if proven true, would not only constitute a breach of national security but also a gross abuse of power for personal gain.

Despite the damning evidence, it’s increasingly clear that Joe Biden will likely never face legal accountability. The report suggests that his mental competence is in question, shielding him from the most serious consequences of his actions.

As the saga unfolds, it’s imperative that we demand transparency and accountability. The intertwining of official duties and personal gain poses a significant threat to our national security and undermines the integrity of our highest offices. The Biden classified documents saga is not just a story of negligence; it’s a cautionary tale of influence peddling at the highest levels of government.

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