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Biden Caught Lying About His Interactions With Hunter’s Business Associates

Former Hunter Biden associate refutes Joe Biden's denial of interactions with Hunter's foreign associates.

In a recent press conference, President Biden vehemently denied any interactions with the foreign business associates of his son, Hunter Biden. However, a former business associate of Hunter has called Biden’s claim “complete malarkey,” stating there is substantial evidence to the contrary.

President Biden, under increasing scrutiny regarding his son’s business dealings, dismissed questions about his involvement, asserting, “I did not. They’re lies. I did not. They’re lies.” Despite this strong denial, Hunter’s ex-business associate insists that there is plenty of evidence to refute Biden’s claims.

The evidence contradicts Biden’s statements, with reports revealing that Eric Schwerin, a former friend and business partner of Hunter, visited the Obama White House and Vice President Biden’s residence multiple times between 2009 and 2016. Schwerin, a key figure in Hunter’s Chinese business deals, was also involved in handling the elder Biden’s finances, working on his personal budget and coordinating with tax preparers.

The report highlights that President Biden met with at least 14 of Hunter’s business associates from various countries, including China, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Russia, and Ukraine, during his vice presidency. Photographs captured Biden alongside Hunter, giving some of these associates a tour of the White House’s Brady Briefing Room.

Email correspondences between Hunter and his business associates further reveal the extent of their interactions. In a 2016 email to Miguel Magnani, a business tycoon and former Hunter associate from Mexico, Hunter admitted to bringing Magnani and others to the White House and the Vice President’s house. The email expressed frustration over apparent radio silence from Magnani.

Additionally, Hunter introduced his father to business partners during trips abroad, including a meeting with his Chinese business partner Jonathan Li during a visit to China in 2013. Closed-door interviews with Hunter’s former business partner, Devon Archer, stated that Hunter used his father as “defensive leverage” and put him on speakerphone during meetings with foreign business partners to sell “the brand.”

President Biden’s attendance at dinners that included Hunter’s business associates has raised further questions. For example, Biden attended a dinner with Yelena Baturina, a Russian oligarch and the widow of former Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov. House Oversight records reveal that Baturina wired $3.5 million to Rosemont Seneca Thornton, a firm associated with Hunter Biden, on February 14, 2014, just months before the dinner with Baturina.

As the scrutiny intensifies, critics argue that President Biden’s denials are becoming less credible, especially in light of the mounting evidence that contradicts his statements. The controversy surrounding the Biden family‘s business interactions continues to be a focal point, raising concerns about ethics and transparency within the administration.

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