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We’re the #1 Buyers of Child Sex Slaves with Jaco Booyens

“They bring what we buy….There is a cultural dilemma in America where we have corrupted our culture with sexual immorality…”
– Jaco Booyens –
Today the conversation is heavy. We are talking about sex trafficking of children. Our expert and special guest Jaco Booyens has been fighting slavery for 28 years. Jaco Booyens is a native of South Africa and an American citizen. Jaco is a well-recognized speaker on Human trafficking, Christian Faith, and motivation. Jaco is a diversified entrepreneur and is involved in several entities and industries.

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American Coalition

American Coalition

The American Coalition operates as a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, as amended, created by Americans who have tired of the ever-growing assault on the foundation of our entire way of life.