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UPS Accused of Mishandling Ammunition Shipments

UPS under scrutiny as gun industry reports missing packages and account cancellations, raising Second Amendment concerns.

Recently, UPS, the renowned package delivery service, has come under scrutiny in the world of firearms and ammunition distribution. Allegations of canceled accounts and missing and destroyed packages have sparked concern among Second Amendment advocates and business owners in this field.

One notable case is that of Patrick Collins, the owner of an ammunition distribution company. Collins shared alarming statistics, revealing that out of 18,000 rounds of ammunition he shipped, only around 6,000 reached their intended destinations. This means that less than a third of the product he attempted to send actually made it to customers. Gallingly, UPS claimed that Collins filed too many complaints. In response, Collins, who ships everything insured and often with signature requirements, asserted that many customers simply did not receive their packages.

The problem at UPS is not a recent development. In 2020, reports emerged of UPS drivers stealing guns from packages, indicating a potential systemic issue within the company. These issues are causing growing concern among Second Amendment supporters, including Collins, who sees a multi-pronged approach aimed at undermining the Second Amendment. This approach involves choking off industry members financially, disrupting the supply chain and logistics, and excessive government regulation.

Collins has personal experience with financial interference as well. When he started his business a few years ago, his personal bank shut down his business account and personal account, confiscating the funds without explanation. This biased treatment against freedom-oriented or Second Amendment-related businesses is a persistent problem.

Collins, in a bid to combat shipping-related issues, has adopted a foolproof system. They now provide detailed documentation of their packages, including photographs of how they are packaged and their condition when scanned by the courier service. This approach aims to eliminate any ambiguity regarding the delivery of packages.

Collins encourages consumers to be cautious about the companies they support, even on a personal level, as their personal accounts could be affected by their business affiliations. He also highlights the importance of doing business with companies that share similar beliefs and values.

The cultural battle against firearms and related industries shows no signs of abating. As long as those advocating for gun control continue their efforts, businesses and institutions may capitulate, affecting the rights of law-abiding citizens. While it’s unclear whether what’s happening with companies like Collins’ is part of a corporate scheme, further investigation is needed to shed light on these allegations and ensure the rights of responsible gun owners and business owners are upheld.

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