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Parents Defeat Bill That Would Have Made Maine a Sanctuary State for Transgender Kids

Maine's Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously blocks LD1735, which is a huge victory for parental rights and child welfare.

In a remarkable victory for parental rights and child safety, Maine’s proposed LD1735, “An Act to Safeguard Gender-Affirming Health Care,” was unanimously voted down by the state Senate Judiciary Committee. This proposed bill, if passed, would have drastically redefined the parameters of parental abuse, equating denial of sex-change surgeries and hormones to physical abuse. Its defeat signals a significant pushback against progressive transgender policies that are increasingly encroaching upon parental authority and child safety.

LD1735, had it passed, would have positioned Maine as a sanctuary state for minors seeking sex-change surgery and hormone treatments. The bill proposed redefining situations of emergency abuse to include parents’ denial of “gender-affirming” healthcare, thereby facilitating easier access for minors to undergo such procedures without parental consent or intervention in Maine.

The bill’s defeat is a testament to the power of engaged and concerned parents who made their voices heard against an extreme overreach into family matters and an erosion of essential parental rights. Maine, dominated by progressive activists and Democrat lawmakers, has previously shown a tendency to pass such bills. For example, the state already allows minors as young as 16 to access transgender treatments without parental consent.

The collapse of LD1735 is not just a local victory but a national message against the aggressive push of transgender ideology on children. Alvin Lui, president of Courage Is A Habit, underscored this triumph, emphasizing that the defeat of this bill in a Democrat-controlled state sends a powerful message that American parents will not succumb to the emotional blackmail of the transgender cult. This win demonstrates that when citizens stand up for their beliefs and values, even in blue states, they can make a significant impact.

California, in contrast, has taken a different path with SB-107, becoming the first “sanctuary state” for gender-confused children. This law allows the state to disregard out-of-state custody orders if it believes a child is being harmed by their parents’ refusal to consent to transgender treatments. This raises serious concerns about the infringement of parental rights and the safeguarding of children’s wellbeing.

The battle in California continues, with groups like Protect Kids California striving to reverse the damaging impact of transgender ideology on children. Their initiative seeks to bring the decision about children’s access to these treatments to the ballot, offering parents a say in these critical and life-altering decisions.

The defeat of Maine’s LD1735 is a significant step in the fight for preserving parental rights and protecting children from being thrust into political battles over gender ideology. It’s a reminder that parents not only have the power but also a moral obligation to stand against ideologies that threaten the wellbeing and future of their children.

Robert Chernin

Robert Chernin

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