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Department of ‘Justice’ Has Spent Years Protecting the Bidens

Allegations of political interference and withheld information raise concerns in the House report on the Justice Department's Hunter Biden investigation.

In a striking development, the House Judiciary, Ways and Means, and Oversight Committees have jointly released a comprehensive 78-page staff report, shedding light on what they term as “deviations” within the Justice Department’s (DOJ) five-year investigation into Hunter Biden. The report alleges political interference in the probe and could pave the way for a formalized impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden.

The document draws on testimony from various DOJ officials and IRS whistleblowers, who, in April, accused Biden administration political appointees of meddling in the DOJ’s investigation. Despite denials from officials appointed by Biden, the committees outline key findings that raise serious concerns about the integrity of the probe.

One notable revelation is that the Justice Department intervened twice to prevent U.S. Attorney David Weiss from pursuing stronger charges against Hunter Biden. Additionally, Attorney General Merrick Garland’s refusal to appoint a special counsel in the tax investigation is highlighted, a move that could have introduced a crucial separation between President Biden and his Justice Department.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf comes under scrutiny in the report for obstructing investigators from questioning Joe Biden about his role as “the big guy” and limiting the scope of the investigation. Wolf also discouraged a search of Joe Biden’s Delaware guest house, citing concerns about “optics.”

The report outlines an incident from 2017 where Hunter Biden allegedly demanded payment from Chinese Communist Party-linked businessman Raymond Zhao, with Joe Biden present in the same room. However, investigators faced challenges obtaining location data to confirm Joe Biden’s presence.

Disturbingly, the report details Hunter Biden’s tax deductions for payments to prostitutes and sex clubs, bringing another dimension to the investigation. The origin of the Hunter Biden probe as an “offshoot” of an inquiry into a foreign adult platform adds complexity to the narrative.

Despite these troubling revelations, the committees express frustration with the Justice Department’s lack of full compliance with document requests and impediments placed on testimonies from Tax Division officials Mark Daly and Jack Morgan. The committees argue that these documents and testimonies are vital for completing their inquiry into the matter.

The allegations of political interference, limitations on the investigation’s scope, and the withholding of critical information cast a shadow over the integrity of the DOJ’s handling of the Hunter Biden case. As lawmakers review the interim report, the prospect of a formal impeachment inquiry looms large, potentially reshaping the political landscape in the months to come.

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