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California Homeowner Loses Gun Permit After Using Gun in Self-Defense

A California homeowner loses his gun permit after defending his family, putting Second Amendment rights in jeopardy.

In Los Angeles, homeowner Vince Ricci faced a shocking consequence after defending his family from armed robbers. Despite acting in self-defense, California authorities revoked Ricci’s concealed carry permit, sparking outrage and raising concerns about Second Amendment rights.

The incident occurred on November 4 when two armed men attempted to force their way into Ricci’s home. At that time, his wife, their infant daughter, and their nanny were inside the home. Upon Ricci’s return, a gunfight unfolded at his front door. Despite having successfully defended his family, he found himself at odds with the law.

California law allows legal U.S. residents over 18 to carry firearms on private property without a permit or license. However, Ricci’s concealed carry permit was revoked, allegedly due to his “yelling” at police officers who arrived to investigate the shooting.

Ricci expressed frustration with the Los Angeles Police Department’s handling of the situation, citing “sloppy police work,” including the failure to collect casings near his home as evidence. He argued that the shooting was a clear case of self-defense, emphasizing the urgency of protecting his family when faced with armed assailants.

This isn’t the first time Ricci has been targeted by criminals. He experienced a break-in at his home in June, and his car was broken into a few months earlier. The NRA expressed support for Ricci, condemning the revocation of his concealed carry permit as “reprehensible.” They commended his decisive actions in protecting his family, emphasizing the core principles that NRA members advocate.

The broader issue raised by this incident is the perceived erosion of Second Amendment rights in California. The state’s stringent concealed carry permit regulations have made it challenging for individuals to obtain such permits. Ricci’s case highlights the vulnerability of legally armed citizens who find themselves under scrutiny for exercising their right to self-defense on private property.

In an interview with the NRA, Ricci likened Los Angeles to a “war zone” and criticized left-wing local leaders for failing to uphold the law against violent criminals. The owner of Beverly Hills Guns supported Ricci’s actions, emphasizing that he was a legally armed man defending himself and his family against armed assailants.

As Ricci’s story unfolds, it raises broader questions about the safety of living in California and the state’s respect for the Second Amendment. The incident underscores the challenges law-abiding citizens face when attempting to protect their families in a very liberal state.

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