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Biden’s Golf Buddy Wired Chinese Money to Biden Family Members

FBI docs reveal golf outings between Joe Biden and Hunter's business associate amid China money transfers.

We now have more troubling revelations concerning the Biden family’s ties to China. It’s no secret that Hunter Biden, the President’s son, has had his share of controversies, but this latest development is particularly concerning.

A report has emerged detailing the connections between Hunter Biden and his former business associate, Rob Walker, and their deep involvement with Chinese interests. You may remember that Hunter Biden’s business dealings, especially with China, have been under scrutiny for quite some time. But now, it appears the plot thickens, and the implications are significant.

Rob Walker, who wired money from China to Biden family members, had golfed with Joe Biden on multiple occasions. This information comes from a transcript of Walker’s interview with the FBI in December 2020. During the interview, Walker revealed that he had played golf with the now-President “eight to twelve times.”

Emails retrieved from Hunter Biden’s laptop archive further confirm Walker’s association with Joe Biden. They reveal that Walker played golf with Joe, Hunter, and Beau Biden at the Bulle Rock golf course in Maryland. These interactions, coupled with the financial ties between Walker and Hunter Biden, raise questions about the nature of their relationship.

Rob Walker’s business dealings with Hunter Biden included significant sums of money transferred from a Chinese firm, State Energy HK, and a portion of this money was wired to Biden family members. The House Oversight Committee confirmed this financial trail. Walker received around $3 million from State Energy HK, and more than $1 million of these funds found their way to Biden family members. These financial connections are troubling and warrant further investigation.

Furthermore, Walker’s testimony reveals that he had numerous interactions with Chinese officials from CEFC, a Chinese energy conglomerate. This raises questions about whether Joe Biden used his influence even after his vice presidency to advance the interests of CEFC. The connections between Joe Biden, CEFC, and Walker are undeniable, and this demands transparency and accountability.

The American people deserve answers and transparency. The ties between the Biden family and China have raised serious questions about the potential for foreign influence and espionage. Our national security should never be compromised, and any connections that could jeopardize our interests must be fully examined. This is not a matter of politics; it’s a matter of safeguarding our nation’s well-being.

As these developments continue to unfold, we must demand accountability and demand that the Biden administration addresses these concerns with the seriousness they deserve. The American people deserve nothing less than a full and transparent investigation to determine the extent of these connections and any potential threats they may pose to our national security.

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