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Biden Rigs The Market Against Small Oil Companies, In Favor of Wind Power

The Biden administration waives fees for wind energy while imposing harsher regulations on the reliable oil and gas industry, raising policy concerns.

The Biden administration’s approach to the energy sector, particularly its favoritism towards the wind energy industry while sidelining the proven oil and gas sector, is a glaring example of misguided policy priorities. The recent developments around the Vineyard Wind project off the coast of Massachusetts and the changing bonding requirements for oil and gas developers in the Gulf of Mexico highlight this inconsistency.

In June 2021, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) waived the standard financial assurance for decommissioning on the lease of the Vineyard Wind project. This waiver, which defers fees for 15 years into a 20-year lease, is based on the assumption that wind energy is a “proven technology” with “predictable income.” However, this optimistic outlook on wind energy is increasingly being questioned. A June 2023 Barrons report revealed financial instability in the industry, with companies renegotiating or withdrawing from contracts and passing costs to consumers. Furthermore, the world’s largest offshore wind developer, Ørsted, pulled out of two projects off the New Jersey coast amid significant financial losses.

Contrast this with the BOEM’s recent proposal to amend bonding requirements for oil and gas developers in the Gulf of Mexico, which appears to disproportionately affect smaller, independent companies. This shift from net worth to credit rating as the basis for bonding would impose unsustainable insurance costs on these smaller firms. Notably, big oil companies, which had a seat at the table during the proposal’s formulation, seem to benefit from this change, as it shields them from the responsibility of cleaning up abandoned wells.

This double standard is striking. On the one hand, the Biden administration is giving leniency and support to an unsteady wind energy sector. On the other, it’s imposing harsher regulations on the oil and gas industry, which has been a reliable energy source for over a century. This approach not only undermines the established energy sector but also puts the nation’s energy security at risk.

The administration’s actions suggest a reckless pursuit of an environmental agenda, irrespective of the consequences for taxpayers and the broader economy. The preferential treatment of the Vineyard Wind project and the heavy-handed approach towards traditional energy sectors reveal a worrying trend. This policy bias not only threatens the viability of small and medium-sized oil and gas companies but also contradicts the administration’s own energy security goals.

In a time global chaos, it’s imperative for the government to adopt a balanced and realistic energy policy that supports all viable sources, including oil and gas. The Biden administration’s current strategy, favoring unproven wind energy while burdening the oil and gas sector, is not only hypocritical but also detrimental to the nation’s energy independence and economic stability. This skewed prioritization needs urgent reevaluation to ensure a secure and sustainable energy future.

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