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They have gone too far.

Planned Parenthood wants abortions up to the day of birth!

Day Of Birth Abortions In The Constitution?

Planned Parenthood and Pelosi’s political cronies are pushing the most aggressive abortion legislation nationally and in every state across the country. They are already pushing these amendments in Vermont and New York, with plans for other states as well.

What Does This Mean?

This means permanent changes to each state’s constitution to forever establish that an abortion can be performed at any stage of pregnancy, for any reason, or for no reason, up to the day of birth.

If this passes in Vermont, it will be immediately pushed in twenty-one (21) other states.

What Is Article 22?

Article 22 is the proposed amendment to the Vermont Constitution to permit abortions – for any reason, at any time – up to the day of birth.  If Article 22 passes, we will have ZERO ability to protect the life of the unborn. Vermont will be the first state in the country to explicitly deny unborn children the right to life in its constitution.

Who Supports Article 22? 

Planned Parenthood, Nancy Pelosi, Vermont’s Attorney General T.J. Donovan, and a host of other extremist politicians. They want to exponentially expand Roe v. Wade so there are no limits to abortions at all. 

Planned Parenthood has a $2 billion dollar war chest. They are already fighting to make sure Article 22 is passed. We need to fight back. We need to make sure their government-funded abortion, money-making machine is defeated.

We Must Stop Planned Parenthood!